The European Regional Office in Brussels represents IUCN at the EU level and works with the European Members to help deliver the Union’s goals.


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  • In the spotlight:

    Testing phase of LIFE Green List for Natura 2000 project begins

    IUCN is currently carrying out the EU-funded LIFE project – “Improving the performance of the Natura 2000 network through a Green Listing approach” - to determine the feasibility of applying the IUCN Green List Sustainability Standard to Natura 2000. As part of the project, participants have begun testing a set of indicators in different sites throughout the Natura 2000 network.

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    IUCN’s 2017 highlights in Europe

    Without doubt, 2017 was an eventful year for IUCN in Europe, providing scientific evidence to support good conservation policy, such new IUCN Red List species assessments, making the case for strengthened action and investment on nature-based solutions, and participating in the EU policy processes related to plastic discards and unsustainable agriculture, two of the most serious threats to Europe’s biodiversity. 2018 continues to march on and now is as good an opportunity as any to reflect on some of the events of last year as well as the achievements of the conservation community in Europe.

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    France to host IUCN World Conservation Congress 2020

    The French Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition and IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, have signed an agreement to jointly organise the next IUCN World Conservation Congress, to be held in 2020 in Marseille.

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    Recognising and Inspiring Conservation Success in Natura 2000

    The conservation of nature is essential for the future of humanity, which requires thriving biodiversity to support a healthy and habitable planet. Well-governed, well-designed and well-managed protected areas are our most effective tools for conserving nature, and these important natural spaces provide a wide range of ecological, socio-economic, cultural and spiritual benefits to our communities.


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