Climate Crisis Commission

At the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille France in 2021, IUCN Members voted to establish a new IUCN Climate Crisis Commission, refer to (WCC-2021-Res-110).  Please note that the establishment of the new Commission is a Council- led process that requires Council approval at key steps.

Key Updates:

  1. The IUCN Council have now identified and appointed an Interim Chair, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal.
  2. The IUCN Council is currently working with the Interim Chair to establish a strong technical and representative Interim Steering Committee.
  3. Once appointed, the Interim Steering Committee will develop a TOR / mandate for the Climate Crisis Commission, which must be approved by Council. This is expected to take place at the next Council meeting (C108).  
  4. At this point, the Climate Crisis Commission will be considered operational and will be open to membership enrolment.

We will keep updating this page with any new developments and updates.