Impact Mitigation Webinars

Impact Mitigation and Ecological Compensation Thematic Group Webinars

Charting the future: next steps in impact mitigation and ecological compensation

10 December 2020

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Impact avoidance, mitigation and ecological compensation, such as offsets, are key tools for balancing development with environmental outcomes that benefit nature and people. Yet many challenges remain, such as how to facilitate best-practice implementation; how to measure effectiveness to support ongoing improvement; and how to align ecological compensation efforts with broader biodiversity targets. In this webinar, leading experts on impact mitigation will set out what they see as the most important next steps in this space. The webinar is the first hosted by the new Impact Mitigation and Ecological Compensation (IMEC) thematic group, part of the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management. Following a series of short presentations, an interactive discussion with all speakers will be facilitated by Martine Maron, IMEC Thematic Group lead.

Our expert speakers include:
Pamela Kershaw, Deputy Director for Biodiversity Planning, at the National Dept. of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries of South Africa.
Mark Johnston, Group Ecologist in the corporate environmental team in BP plc.
Helga Rainer, Arcus Foundation Great Apes and Gibbons Program Director.
Pippa Howard, Director, Extractives & Development, Infrastructure at Fauna & Flora International.