Call for papers: Planning effective conservation landscapes

The scientific journal Land is now inviting submissions to the new special issue "Planning Effective Conservation Landscapes for Nature and People: What Have We Learned?". The deadline for manuscript submissions is 1 June 2021.

Planning Conservation Landscapes

This special issue aims to review what has and hasn’t worked in planning, implementing, and financing functioning conservation landscapes that deliver both measurable conservation outcomes and critical goods and services for the local people that depend on them. This provides an opportunity to IUCN WCPA members to share relevant experiences in the use of a wide range of instruments such as effectively managed and equitably governed protected and conserved areas, connectivity conservation areas, transfrontier conservation areas (TFCAs), indigenous peoples’ and community conserved territories and areas (ICCAs), and other effective area-based conservation measures (OECMs). The special issue has three IUCN WCPA members as guest editors.

For more information contact Bastian Bertzky

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