Regional Judicial Colloquium for Latin-America and the Caribbean

The Regional Judicial Colloquium for Latin-America and the Caribbean: “Constitutions, Environment, and Human Rights: Practice and Implementation” convenes at the Federal Senate of Brazil on 22-23 May 2017.

Regional Judicial Colloquium

This event is made possible by a number of strong supporters including the Environment Committee and the Joint Senate and House Permanent Committee on Climate Change of the Federal Senate of Brazil. With over 70 participants engaging in interactive sessions, the event is the second in a series of a larger programme supported by UN Environment and under the leadership of the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment. With sessions chaired by senators, and prominent speakers proving expert insights into judicial decision-making and the environment, a number of cases from the Latin-American and Caribbean will be highlighted to draw connections and identify opportunities for enhancing capacity for the effective enforcement of domestic environmental laws, regional agreements, and multilateral agreements. The final session is devoted to the Amazon Biome as a case study for furthering the environmental rule of law, human rights, and sustainable development in the region. Regular reports from the sessions will be featured here on the IUCN WCEL website.

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