Story | 10 Jul, 2018

Ehab Eid is elected Vice-Chair for SSC for West Asia ‎ ‎(IUCN Species Survival Commission)‎

Ehab Eid is elected SSC Vice-Chair for West Asia

(IUCN Species Survival Commission)

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Photo: Ehab Eid

Ehab Eid is an expert in biodiversity conservation, zoology, CITES and protected areas management in Jordan and the West Asia region. He holds a master degree in conservation, access and management of species in trade from the International University of Andalucía, Spain, and a B.Sc degree in biological science from the University of Jordan.

Ehab Eid developed his experience and knowledge in marine and terrestrial biodiversity as a research assistant at the Marine Science Station of Jordan between 2001 and 2005, followed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature from 2005 until 2013, as the Head of Research and Survey section. Currently, he is the Director of the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan.

He is the Vice Chair of the Federation for Environmental NGOs in Jordan, and a member in several bodies including the national biodiversity committee of Jordan, the national committee of IUCN ROWA, the IUCN regional committee for West Asia and a member of  IUCN Commission Specialist Groups (both WCPA and SSC). He has led several training workshops, aiming to raise the skills and knowledge of Middle East conservationist on research methodologies, biodiversity conservation, climate change and protected areas management, and has published several peer-reviewed articles, guides and books. He developed the first Red List of Jordan’s mammals, which will be released soon, and contributed to several Red List assessments for mammals and reptiles in the Arabian Peninsula.