Story | 29 Aug, 2019

The Future of Dams - Viable Options or Stranded Assets?

Since the 1997 IUCN-World Bank study 'Large Dams: Learning from the Past, Looking at the Future' and the subsequent establishment of the World Commission on Dams, IUCN recognises dams are, for better or worse, an integral part of a post fossil-fuel future in which energy needs are met for all.


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This story feature reviews global energy needs and explores the challenges and complexities of dams.

The Future of Dams: Viable Options or Stranded Assets 


This feature is part of a series of three on the 'Future of Dams':

Part 1: Viable Options or Stranded Assets?

Part 2: Smart Dams - Smart Financing

Part 3: Energy Options, Determining our Freshwater Future