The Future of Dams - Viable Options or Stranded Assets?

Since the 1997 IUCN-World Bank study 'Large Dams: Learning from the Past, Looking at the Future' and the subsequent establishment of the World Commission on Dams, IUCN recognises dams are, for better or worse, an integral part of a post fossil-fuel future in which energy needs are met for all.


Englebright Dam on the Yuba River

This story feature reviews global energy needs and explores the challenges and complexities of dams.

The Future of Dams: Viable Options or Stranded Assets 


This feature is part of a series of three on the 'Future of Dams':

Part 1: Viable Options or Stranded Assets?

Part 2: Smart Dams - Smart Financing

Part 3: Energy Options, Determining our Freshwater Future




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