Story | 02 Jul, 2019

Nature in the City: Green solutions for sustainable, healthy and resilient Cities

Today the world population stands at 7.7 billion. In the next 30 years it is expected to grow by a further 2.9 billion. By 2100, according to the latest UN projections, humanity is expected to have developed into an almost exclusively urban species with 80-90% of people living in cities.

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The GrowGreen project aims to achieve long-lasting change in cities by integrating Nature-Based Solutions into their planning, development, and management.

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--> Nature in the City: Green Solutions for Sustainable, Healthy, and Resilient Cities

At the heart of the five-year project is the creation of value by city governments for climate and water resilience through the promotion of nature-based solutions with involvement of citizens, business and public-private partnerships across cities.

"Making nature part of the urban living environment improves people's quality of life and helps the economy and society to prosper"

Chantal Van Ham, EU Programme Manager Nature Based Solutions, IUCN Brussels

Nature-based solutions can be defined as living solutions that are inspired and supported by nature, they are cost-effective and simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and help build resilience and adapt to climate change.