Story | 03 Aug, 2016

Tell us your water story and win a prize

Are you working in conservation? In forest, marine, climate change areas or others? Has water made an unexpected appearance in your work? Then we are looking for your story. 

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Photo: © Nisha D'Souza

You may be focusing on protected areas, or nature based livelihoods, or forest management, or climate change adaptation….or one of many other conservation topics, yet you are finding yourself involved in issues relating to water resources management, conservation, or restoration? 

We are particularly interested in hearing from you if you don’t work in the “water sector” but have an interesting story to share about the role of water in helping you achieve your goals on climate change mitigation or adaptation, poverty reduction, biodiversity conservation, gender equality in natural resources management, or any issues related to the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress.

Some guiding questions are:

  • What was the challenge you were trying to solve? And how did water feature in the challenge?
  • What did you do about it? And what were the results?
  • How did these results contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals?

The top three stories will win a prize and will be shared during a special session at the IUCN Congress in Hawai’I, entitled ‘Integrating Water Resource Management and Landscapes for SDG implementation’, a.k.a: Water flows through the SDGs, scheduled for Sunday, September 4th from 12:00-13:00.

To participate, please send us a 2-3 paragraph narrative and some photos -if available- to the IUCN Global Water Programme by August 20th at the following email address: Please title your submission email as “Water Flows Story”.