Story | 08 Aug, 2021

Ninfa Carianil, 2021 International Ranger Award Winner

Learn more about the inspiring work of Colombia's Ninfa Carianil, one of the winners of the IUCN WCPA International Ranger Award in 2021.

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Ninfa Estella Carianil (Colombia) - 2021 International Ranger Award Winner

Photo: ProAves

Since 2012, Ninfa Carianil and her husband Rufino patrolled and protected the rainforest of Águila Harpía ProAves Reserve in the Colombian Amazon. They built strong links and relationships with the local community, earning their trust and encouraging their interest in its wildlife and conservation. Community members have helped support Ninfa through two recent personal tragedies: the death of her son, Johan Sebastian in 2019, and the loss of her husband to COVID-19 in 2020.

Since then, Ninfa has continued alone to protect the area from hunters, loggers, and illegal settlers, to conduct monitoring, to build community support, and to inspire young people.  Through her dedication and sacrifice, Ninfa has become a local leader and voice for conservation and for Indigenous women in a remote Amazon community.