Story | 12 Jul, 2019

Introducing enviroLENS to the European, North and Central Asian Conservation Community

Reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use data for monitoring of environmental compliance is becoming more and more pertinent. Innovative solutions and technologies, such as Earth Observation tools, can fill critical data and information gaps, especially where human and financial resources are scarce. Uniting Earth Observation tools with the environmental law and legal domain provides novel and unique types of services that enable a number of actors to promote and advocate for legal compliance.  

Two representatives from the enviroLENS team were present at the IUCN Regional Conservation Forum for Europe, North and Central Asia that took place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 1-3 July 2019, and put on display our new informative project poster. The interest shown throughout the event demonstrated that the project is particularly relevant for the conservation community. More than 320 participants, arriving from all corners of Europe as well as from North and Central Asia, had the chance to learn about the powerful tools that enviroLENS is currently developing.

“As an NGO engaged with nature conservation in Albania for last 20 years, we see a great potential of eLENS portal,” said Genti Kromidha, president of the Institute for Nature Conservation in Albania, an IUCN Member. “It could impact our on-the-ground action significantly and empower our civil society organizations to work on nature conservation providing the tools that could be used for advocacy and lobbying to end any illegal activities identified,” he added.

Participants of the Forum called for bold action to achieve transformative change. This goes hand-in-hand with technological innovations that can be applied across sectors. enviroLENS, thus, offers a unique opportunity to bring the potential of European satellites – Copernicus – to the environmental legal domain. In this way, the conservation community can benefit from access to relevant, easy-to-use Earth Observation tools, to achieve legal compliance in support of the protection of biodiversity and vital ecosystems – for instance in relation to activities in and/or around protected areas.

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