Story | 08 Dec, 2021

Launching the Natural Resource Governance Framework & Building a Community of Practice

CEESP news: Emmanuel Nuesiri, Chair NRGF; Jess Campese, Deputy Chair NRGF; and Jenny Springer, Director, IUCN Global Program on Governance and Rights

As we come to the close of another challenging year, we at the IUCN Global Program on Governance and Rights- and IUCN CEESP-led initiative Natural Resource Governance Framework (NRGF) are grateful for the opportunities we have had to connect with (remotely at least), learn from, and advance action with our IUCN communities, including the NRGF Working Group. In this brief update we highlight notable milestones in 2021 and share about our next phase of work in 2022.

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Natural Resource Governance Framework (NRGF) initiative

Photo: Source: Springer et al., 2021

The NRGF is a knowledge basket with an innovative, robust, inclusive, and credible approach for assessing and improving NRG at multiple levels and in diverse contexts. Included in this basket is a central Framework with principles, criteria, and cross-cutting values to inform NRG. It also includes guidance tools, processes, and relationships through which the initiative is mobilising and learning from use of the Framework. Please visit our websites or email us to learn more.

The NRGF has developed through three phases: research, consultation, and conceptual development; consolidation of the Framework; and testing of diverse ways it can be used. Pilot uses include (pls see the website for examples):

  • Assessing strengths and challenges in governance of a context or system and identifying pathways for change. 
  • Analyzing ways to align / enhance environmental governance related approaches and tools
  • Analyzing ways that conservation activities / projects can enhance how governance principles are addressed 

A notable milestone in 2021 was our participation at the World Conservation Congress (WCC) in France, where we formally launched the Framework and hosted a lively learning exchange, which included learning from partners who facilitated pilot assessments in Tanzania.

Moving forward, we plan to build a broader community of practice in 2022, for:   

  • Supporting awareness of and engagement with the NRGF  
  • Enabling wider, impactful use in diverse regions and with partners across the Union 
  • Learning and knowledge cogeneration to improve the NRGF over time and grow understanding of NRG 

Thank you to the Working Group members who made all this possible. We hope the rest of you will join us to make 2022 a more excellent year! 

Click on the name to contact Emmanuel Nuesiri, Chair CEESP NRGF, and Jess Campese, Deputy Chair CEESP NRGF