CEC Excellence Award East Asia Winner is Mr. CHEN Xingliang

The Award Ceremony was held in Islamabad, Pakistan during Asia Regional Conservation Forum. CEC Chair Sean Southey presented the Award to Mr. Chen

Chen Xingliang at CEC Award ceremony

In 2019 the IUCN Commission on Education and Ccommunication (CEC) initiated a special prize – IUCN CEC Excellence Award – to give to one outstanding CEC member in each region to recognize his/her contribution in communicating nature and environment. By the Excellence Award, IUCN CEC aims to value members’ efforts and commitment in strengthening the regional networks and local communities, engaging people with nature conservation, achieving the goals of IUCN One Union approach to make the future brighter and harmonic.

CEC has nearly 40 members in East Asia, which includes China, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, and South Korea. Many have done great work in promoting nature conservation and public participation. The Jury received three nominations. Among them, Mr. CHEN Xingliang, vice chairman and secretary general of the Chinese Society of Forestry (CSF), won the CEC Excellence Award.


Xingliang CHEN Photo: Xingliang CHEN Mr. CHEN Xingliang and his organization, Chinese Society of Forestry (CSF), which is an IUCN Member organization, has done excellence in nature education throughout China:

  • Project “Youth Camp in Forest” have been organized for 36 consecutive years
  • 150 education and communication centers have been set up over in forest reserves al over China
  • Educationa campaigns at the Annual Forest Week in the past 10+ years
  • Dozens of international exchanges on nature education and scientific research.


“The large number of people that have been reached and the significant impact that have been made with Mr. Chen Xingliang’s leadership in nature education" said one jury member.

The Award Ceremony was held in Islamabad, Pakistan during Asia RCF on November 6, 2019. CEC Chair Sean Southey presented the Award to Mr. Chen. Three out of the five jury members were at the Ceremony, witnessed the meaningful event.

In his speech, Mr. Chen said: “I love the cause of natural conservation and natural education. Because I feel that this is the responsibilities of a forestry worker, like me. I will continue with what I have been doing and mobilize more general public to participate in natural education, especially youth engagement, and will reward those who have achieved great progress in the cause of natural conservation and natural education in China, so to let them feel proud of what they have done, just like how I feel now.”

Jury members:

Ann Moey Photo: Ann Moey


Ann MOEY, Head of Communications, IUCN Asia Office





Kun Shi Photo: Kun Shi


Kun SHI, Professor at Wildlife Institute in Beijing Forestry University and Founder of Eco-Bridge Continental






Teppei DOHKE, General Manager, Communication Division, The Nature Conservation Society of Japan/ Vice Chair and Secretary General, Japan Committee for IUCN





Yang DING Photo: Yang DING


Yang DING, Intern with Joint FAO/IAEA project on greenhouse gas emission measurement





Head of Jury:

Hanying LI Photo: Hanying LI


Hanying LI, Regional Vice Chair for East Asia, IUCN CEC

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