News | 03 Mar, 2023

IUCN SSC statement on World Wildlife Day

On World Wildlife Day the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) joins the wider IUCN in celebrating the thousands of species experts and partners who work with us around the world to protect and recover the plants, animals and fungi we share this planet with. 

More than 42,100 species are highlighted on the IUCN Red List as threatened with extinction. With a challenge this large the only way to reverse the trends in biodiversity loss is to work together. As the world’s largest species conservation network the IUCN SSC brings together experts and partners across academia, field conservation NGOs, government agencies, zoos, aquariums, botanic gardens, museums, indigenous peoples organisations and more. We embody the theme of this year’s World Wildlife Day“Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation”
Together these networks of experts and partners strive to understand the threats faced by wildlife, to develop plans to reverse these threats and ensure they are implemented through priority actions to restore species. The IUCN SSC believes that as a global community we know how to save species. We simply need to do more and work more collaboratively to turn around trends of loss and Reverse the Red.
This year World Wildlife Day celebrates 50 years since the signature of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Over the last five decades, IUCN and CITES have developed an enduring partnership around our shared goal of ensuring the sustainability of international wildlife trade. In the lead-up to and during CITES COPs, the IUCN Secretariat and SSC Members work with TRAFFIC to provide key species expertise to inform decisions made by Parties to the Convention. Collaboration with a wide range of IUCN’s partners reinforces the evidence-based recommendations and information, which strengthens our impact. This includes maintaining the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, analysing proposals to amend the CITES Appendices, and highlighting the sustainable use of a wide range of species.
IUCN SSC supports the IUCN Director General’s statement on World Wildlife Day and will proudly continue to strengthen our collaboration with CITES and work together in ensuring the Convention’s critical role in protecting wild plants, animals and fungi.
World Wildlife Day aims to inspire global society to partner with nature. The IUCN SSC, our Members and partners, proudly share this goal and believe that together, we can Reverse the Red