Story | 04 Dec, 2020

IUCN India and Eco roots Foundation Celebrates Wildlife Week with the Young Leaders of Nature

In recent times, humanity is facing one of its greatest pandemic crisis and has brought the entire world to a standstill. Economies are vulnerable, cultures have been isolated, and individuals pushed below the poverty line. Numerous reports have been published highlighting the linkages between the destruction of nature and an increase in the frequency of pandemics.

One cannot overlook the importance of the need for collective action in an eye-opening situation like this. School students from all over India came together to spread awareness about endangered and extinct species of the planet in a World Wildlife Week theatre festival conducted by IUCN India in collaboration with Ecoroots Foundation, IUCN Member.

The digitally organized event witnessed virtual footfall from 16 schools with over 147 entries who participated with full enthusiasm and portrayed the plight of animals ranging from butterflies to elephants, tigers, lions, panda and so on. Students who participated in the event, expressed their innovative and creative views about challenges for wildlife through poems, short play and so on.

Dr. Vivek Saxena, Country representative, IUCN India together with International Green Apple Award Winner Mr. Rakesh Khatri, Founder, Ecoroots Foundation commended the efforts taken by students, supported by parents during COVID times, in ensuring awareness about nature conservation and wildlife. The heart-warming and creative performances emphasized that online platforms can be equally compelling and cannot dampen the spirits of young Leaders of the future.

The top 3 participants received “Award of Excellence” on 1st November 2020.

Videos of top 3 performers can be viewed here.