Life in freshwater is in crisis. With wetlands disappearing three times faster than forests, sustainably managing water is crucial to IUCN’s Nature 2030 Programme.


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Unsustainable use and management of water is degrading ecosystems and driving species to extinction. Many countries face a future without enough water to meet their needs, limiting economic growth and contributing to migration and regional instability. Current water laws and management strategies have proven insufficient to address these challenges, which are exacerbated by climate change. 

Our Ambition

By 2030, freshwater systems support and sustain biodiversity and human needs. 

Impact Targets

The loss of freshwater species and decline of freshwater ecosystem health is halted, and restoration initiated.


Equitable access to water resources and all associated ecosystem services are secured.


Water governance, law and investment decisions address the multiple values of nature and incorporate biodiversity knowledge.


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