IUCN event | 15 May, 2024

First World Species Congress

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In response to IUCN World Conservation Congress Resolution 4.019, Reverse the Red will host the first World Species Congress on 15 May 2024, as a 24-hour, online event.

Content will be adapted to the interests and needs of different regions, combining live and pre-recorded segments that will showcase evidence-based conservation strategies, invite organizations and governments to accelerate their commitments to saving species, and inspire conservationists to amplify success. Governments, civil society, indigenous people’s organizations, academics, and the private sector will engage and network to accelerate and amplify strategic, impact-driven efforts that contribute to species recovery. Special emphasis will be given to Reverse the Red’s support to government efforts to deliver commitments under the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.

From this session, attendees will understand opportunities for individual and organizational engagement with the World Species Congress and Reverse the Red’s efforts to reduce extinction risk.

The World Species Congress will:

  • Generate 100,000 critical connections and commitments.
  • Showcase organizational commitments to the Reverse the Red Species Pledge.
  • Have public satellite events participating globally.
  • Invite participation and discussion at government satellite events.
  • Include the announcement of a National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSAP) Medal.

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