IUCN event | 22 Mar, 2023

2025 International Year of Glaciers' Preservation

The world’s snow, glaciers, and ice sheets are essential long-term renewable sources of freshwater, whether in polar regions, in the mountains or in downstream regions. As a side event of the UN Water Conference, the event will serve as a platform for stakeholders to express their commitments and partnerships to the International Year of Glacier Preservation 2025 declared by the UN General Assembly and serve as a steppingstone to developing a road map.

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Photo: Thomas Lipke on Unsplash

This event will discuss the outstanding gaps in understanding the link between glacier changes and 
water resources and risks to societies, and the key actions necessary to enhance access to critical information that would enhance the ability of society to adapt. The event is designed as a first step to developing partnerships and towards co-designing a road map towards 2025.

The session will primarily target government officials, international organizations, disaster risk managers and practitioners engaged in working on resilience building to extremes towards programming and planning at the local level. Secondary audiences will include practitioners and researchers who are engaged in linking science and policy, with sustained strategies to better manage the impact of climate change on glaciers, and the impacts on people and sustainable development.

Messages and recommendations coming out of this event will be delivered to the relevant major UN conferences, including the High-Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development, Dushanbe Water Process Conferences, and others.