Developing a national agri-environment programme for Serbia

Authors: Cooper, Tamsin, Hart, Kaley, Ivanov, Sergej, Keenelyside, Clunie, Pezold, Tomasz, Redman, Mark, Vidojevic, Dragana, Ðordevic-Miloševic, Suzana,

This Handbook presents many of the key outputs, recommendations and accumulated expertise from the project “Support for Agri-environment Policies and Programming in Serbia” that was undertaken between 2008 and 2010. It is produced in both Serbian and English and is intended to serve as a reference document to support the future programming of agri-environment measures in Serbia. Special attention is given to introducing the concept of high nature value (HNV) farming and the biodiversity benefits associated with using agri-environment and other rural development measures to maintain low intensity farming systems typically found in Serbia. The publication is the first attempt to systematically introduce the concepts of HNV farming and agrienvironment policies and payments to a Serbian audience.