Story | 13 Nov, 2012

Vital sites : The contribution of protected areas to Human Health

Arguments for protection series No 7
Author(s): Sue Stolton and Nigel Dudley
Publisher: WWF, 2010

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Photo: WWF

This the seventh report in the Arguments for Protection series, takes as its starting place the health crisis caused by environmental destruction and discusses the role protected areas can play in promoting well-being.Healthy ecosystems in general, and protected areas in particular, can play a vital role in providing food and clean water, controlling infectious diseases, absorbing wastes, regulating climate and are the source of much of the cultural, spiritual and recreational inspiration needed to maintain mental and physical health - as well as being the providers of the essential materials needed for traditional medicine and modern pharmaceuticals. As with the other reports in the Arguments for Protection series this report provides the most detailed global overview to date of the role of protected areas in ensuring human health.