Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy

Local Economies, Communities and Nature

The Specialist Group focuses on how economic approaches can be used to explore the relationship between small-scale primary producers and nature, to help inform strategies for increasing social and economic wellbeing and sustainable rural development.
Spreading the seeds of the indigenous plants in the southeast and southwest areas of Hima Bani Hashem Villages.
Nick Conner, Chair - Specialist Group on Local Economies, Communities and Nature    

Specialist Group Chair
Nick Conner - 

The initial focus of Specialist Group would be rural communities, including indigenous communities, and small island states and territories, operating at the subsistence/ household and hybrid economy scale.

Such communities may be in developing countries (e.g. Bribri communities in Costa Rica) and in developed countries (e.g. Aboriginal communities in Northern Australia).  

The above topics primarily relate to the disciplines of agricultural economics, economic anthropology and sustainable agricultural/ rural development.

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