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Applying an ecosystem approach to fisheries management in the high seas : a focus on seamounts in the southern Indian Ocean

The overall objective of the Seamounts Project is to develop ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management for areas of significant biological and commercial importance (i.e. seamounts) located in areas beyond national jurisdiction, the high seas.

The project will address the three main barriers to sustainable fisheries management and marine biodiversity conservation in the high seas:

  • Lack of scientific knowledge about seamount ecosystems and their relationship with fisheries resources
  • Lack of comprehensive and effective governance frameworks for marine biodiversity in the high seas
  • Difficulty of managing offshore fish stocks, including monitoring, control and surveillance

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11 Sep 2014 | News story

Funding Agency


The Global Environment Facility provides the funding for the Seamounts Conservation and Management Project along with co-financing from other partners

Implementing Agency

UNDP marine

The United Nations Development Programme is responsible for implementing the project through the Mauritius Country Office

Seamounts research cruise : 7 November - 21 December 2011
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