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Forests are under the spotlight as never before. They are globally important in regulating climate and locally important in sustaining communities and supporting biodiversity. But with unsustainable logging, and agriculture and biofuel producers competing for land, forests, and the people who depend on them, are under increasing pressure.

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Bois et énergie au Burkina Faso : Consolidation des moyens d'existence durable

Des forêts pour Ouagadougou

Dans une étude jusqu’ici confidentielle menée au Burkina Faso, l’UICN suggère une approche nouvelle de l’aménagement des villes d’Afrique de l’Ouest, où les forêts tiendront la place majeure qu’elles devraient avoir. L’étude illustre le rôle essentiel des forêts dans la vie économique du pays en particulier en matière de fourniture d’énergie et de création d’emploi, mais aussi leur éloignement progressif de la capitale. …  

01 Apr 2010 | Fact sheet

Moist evergreen forest in Mae Nan Khao, southern Thailand (2)

IUCN publishes FLEGT resources in Thai

IUCN has issued Thai versions of two publications describing important legal and policy changes in the United States and Europe that will affect Thailand's forest resources and industry. …  

25 Mar 2010 | Downloads - publication

Photo de famille avec le Haut Commissaire du Boulgou

Les partenaires de la foret de Sablogo se dotent d'un manuel de procedure administrative financiere et comptable

Le 11 mars 2010, sous la  coordination de la  DRECV-CE, avec l’appui de l’initiative LLS, s’est tenu à Tenkodogo au Burkina Faso, un atelier de restitution du manuel de procédure administrative, comptable et financière devant réguler la gestion de la forêt de Sablogo.

17 Mar 2010 | Event
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Photo de famille

Les Ministères de la Planification et de l’Environnement s’approprient des outils de Suivi évaluation du programme LLS de l’UICN

L’UICN avec la collaboration du Ministère de l’Eau, de l’Environnement, de l’Aménagement du Territoire et de l’Urbanisme, a formé 27 cadres de deux ministères burundais sur les outils de planification, suivi-évaluation participatif au cours d’un d’atelier de formation qui a duré 3 jours, du 13 au 15 janvier 2010. …  

03 Mar 2010 | Fact sheet

Tacaná, Guatemala

Improving lives and protecting biodiversity in Guatemela

Central America is rich in natural and cultural diversity. But this ‘bio-cultural’ wealth is a stark contrast to the poor management of the region’s ecosystems, economic and social inequalities and some of the worlds’s highest rates of deforestation. As a response, IUCN is working through its Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy (LLS) to sustain the flow of goods and services from forest landscapes for the benefit of local people and biodiversity. In Guatemala, LLS is underway at two sites, Lachua and Tacanà. This nine-minute video describes these two projects and the impact they are having. The movie is currently in Spanish, but a version with English subtitles will be available soon on this site.

26 Feb 2010 | Video
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Harrie Hendrickx (Unilever, The Netherlands) visiting a family involved in collecting Allanblackia seeds in Western Province in Ghana

Million-dollar boost to the people and biodiversity of West Africa

An IUCN initiative that works to improve the livelihoods of people in West Africa has received a major boost in the form of a CHF 1.9 million grant from Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). …  

24 Feb 2010 | News story

Mangroves at Nasilai, Rewa delta, Fiji.

Mangroves to the rescue

Coastal ecosystems in the Pacific region are under severe threat. Increasing population, coastal development, squatter settlements and increasing demand for resources are having a serious impact. Climate change will only make things worse for these vulnerable coastal areas, and urgent action is needed to address the ongoing threats. …  

23 Feb 2010 | News story
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Parque National Lagune Lachuá

Improving livelihoods in Guatemalan landscapes

In Guatemala, IUCN is working through its Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy (LLS) to sustain the flow of goods and services from forest landscapes for the benefit of local people and biodiversity conservation. Wildtalk speaks to Jose Arturo Santos, coordinator of the Biodiversity and Sustainable Use Unit in IUCN’s country office in Guatemala, to learn more. …  

23 Feb 2010 | Audio

Example of an agroforestry system, fodder and cardamom.

Delivering Environmental Services in Landscapes: Experiences with PES through IUCN’s Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy

With the aim of investigating the scope of Payments for Environmental Services (PES) as an ecosystem management tool, this article draws from ongoing work being carried out by IUCN’s Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy (LLS) to explore how two different forms of PES (carbon- and water-related) can potentially be combined to strengthen conservation efforts.  …  

10 Feb 2010 | Downloads - document


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