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In the Cendrawasih Bay National Park, Birds Neck area, West Papua

Livelihoods and Landscapes sites have been chosen in Indonesia

Two sites have been chosen in Papua, Indonesia for implementation of the Livelihoods and Landscapes Initiative …  

26 Mar 2008 | News story

Transporting timber logged from a forest located on the border with Laos.

IUCN Briefs High Level Government Officials about FLEGT

IUCN coordinated a briefing session for high-ranking government officials on March 17, 2008 to raise awareness about the principles of the European Union’s (EU) Forest Law Enforcement Governance Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan. FLEGT is an initiative of the EU to curb illegal logging and foster sustainable forest management through trade mechanisms. …   | Vietnamese

25 Mar 2008 | News story

Miyun, China

Window project: LLS working to improve forests around Beijing

Located to the northeast of Beijing, the Miyun Reservoir is the main source of drinking water for the 17 million residents of Beijing municipality, a city which faces a serious water crisis. …  

21 Mar 2008 | News story

Miyun, China

Resource Mapping in China

Livelihoods and Landscapes programme conducts socioeconomic assessments for forest restoration and community development in Huayuan Village.  

10 Mar 2008 | Project description

Landscape in Mbere District, Kenya

Livelihoods and Landscapes Workshop, March 2008

Livelihoods and Landscapes brings together partner organizations in Africa to discuss lessons learned and plans for 2008. 

03 Mar 2008 | Event

Fire, Costarica

Adaptation to Climate Change in Mediterranean Forest Conservation and Management, April 2008

How can we increase forest and social resilience to major disturbances, such as large scale fires, which are exacerbated by climate change in the Mediterranean region?  This will be the topic of conversation at a workshop to be held in Athens from the 14-17 April, 2008.  

02 Mar 2008 | Event

Logging truck

China important to African timber producers

China’s role in Africa’s timber trade is an important one. Although imports from Africa make up a small proportion of China’s total timber imports, China is the main destination of up to 90% of timber for some producer countries on the continent. …  

29 Feb 2008 | News story

Logging truck, Malaysia

Illegal logging estimated to cost world more than US$10 billion pa

Illegal logging is estimated to cost the world more than US$10 billion annually – more than six times the total amount of development assistance directed towards sustainable forest management. …  

29 Feb 2008 | News story

Forests and the European Union Resource Network

Launch of reform agenda in Liberia

A new report, launched in Monrovia today, proposes formalizing customary Liberian land ownership by registering it as private property. This would signal the launch of a reform agenda that would restore the forest land rights of the overwhelming majority of Liberia’s rural populations; made up of poor agrarian families and clans. …  

30 Jan 2008 | International news release

Bali PEP REDD side event

Making REDD Work for the Poor

IUCN, in collaboration with the Poverty and Environment Partnership (PEP), hosted an event during the Bali conference on climate change. As part of a full day devoted to the role of forests in climate change, organized by CIFOR, IUCN helped to ensure that social issues and linkages to poverty reduction were high on the agenda. …  

09 Dec 2007 | Project description

View of logging road in the Cameroon Forests