Atolla jellyfish in the Indian Ocean

Biggest zone closed to fishing announced

Two high-seas areas in the Southern Indian Ocean have been added to the network of zones that are closed to deepwater trawling by a fishing industry group, making it the largest such enclosure in the world – IUCN and the Southern Indian Ocean Deepwater Fishers Association (SIODFA) announced today. …  

17 Oct 2013 | International news release

Claire Warmenbol

Blog: All hands to the pump: nexus lessons and solutions from Bogotà

Blog by Claire Warmenbol. As part of the ‘Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions’, I recently attended a workshop in Bogotà, Colombia – the second in a series of three regional workshops, jointly organised by IUCN and IWA. …  

10 Oct 2013 | News story

Parting words from Business Week participants (click to enlarge)

IUCN’s unique space to transform business – and government and civil society too!

IUCN Business Week brought together more than 60 participants from IUCN’s family worldwide as well as 26 representatives from existing business engagements across 5 days at IUCN headquarters, 9- 13 September 2013. …  

01 Oct 2013 | Article

Pavan Sukhdev at the IUCN World Conservation Congress

The nature of value and the value of nature

Interview with renowned environmental economist and global thought leader in sustainability, Pavan Sukhdev. …  

25 Sep 2013 | Article

IUCN-Marriott MOU signing and press conference in Bangkok, 19 September 2013

IUCN and Marriott International join hands for community-based environmental conservation and development in Thailand

BANGKOK, THAILAND - 19 September 2013 – IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, and Marriott International have launched a partnership to protect the environment and support Thailand’s local communities through mangrove restoration, the use of sustainable seafood sources and local procurement practices in Bang Krachao and areas in the South potentially to include Mai Khao, Tai Muang and Khao Lak. The two organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding today and opened a “Mangrove Education Garden” at the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel, followed by a planting of 100 mangroves by Marriott associates at Bang Krachao, often described as “the lung of Bangkok”.   …  

19 Sep 2013 | News story

Ms. Momdje Liliane, from the Association Jeunesse Verte Cameroon

REDD+ & Gender in Cameroon

REDD+ & Gender in Cameroon. Ms. Momdje Liliane, from the Association Jeunesse Verte Cameroon explains how REDD+ can support the crucial role that women play in forest conservation in Cameroon. …  

13 Sep 2013 | Video
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WBCSD BET training

Lost in Translation?

Sometimes the language divide between scientists and business seems huge. Indeed one of Business Week’s key questions mischievously asks “what are the tips for working with the other side?” Yesterday IUCN staff learnt about one way to share their part of the story. …  

12 Sep 2013 | News story

On-site with Newmont metallurgical engineers at the Ahafo Gold mine in Ghana

Unlikely alliances – pioneering collaboration between the private sector and conservation

A true visionary, Lori Anna Conzo aims to build a new model that promotes biodiversity conservation alongside economic development. …  

11 Sep 2013 | Article

Business week crowdsourcing

Strong start to IUCN Business Week

Today marks the start of IUCN Business Week. The week is designed to inspire a fresh perspective on collaboration and engagement with the private sector and brings together over 40 IUCN staff from headquarters, regional offices, national committees and global thematic programmes alongside over 25 external business participants arriving later in the week. …  

09 Sep 2013 | News story

IUCN Pakistan and Climate Change Division signing and an Agreement

IUCN Pakistan and Climate Change Division ink an Agreement for stimulating Market demand for Biodiversity friendly products in Northern Pakistan

IUCN Pakistan and the Climate Change Division, Government of Pakistan signed an Agreement today in Islamabad during the GEF Global Environmental Facility Steering Committee meeting. …  

05 Sep 2013 | International news release