Working to meet the conservation and resource challenge

03 July 2012 | Article

How do we meet the challenge of a preserving the world’s outstanding and sensitive biodiversity whilst meeting the resource demands of a growing global population?

The World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves workshop at the World Conservation Congress (workshop No 760, 9th September 19:00-21:00) will investigate how two UNESCO approaches, World Heritage Sites and Biosphere reserves, address the challenges of resource extraction and conservation.

The workshop, organized in collaboration with the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) will present participants with the opportunity to

  1. learn about on-going initiatives and projects between extractives and UNESCO sites
  2. provide feedback to extractives and UNESCO site representatives and
  3. gain a better understanding of the current challenges and opportunities facing the interaction between extractives and UNESCO sites.

This workshop offers a timely opportunity to discuss recommendations provided in the independent report on World Heritage Sites and Extractive Industries. The World Heritage Committee at the 36th annual meeting of the World Heritage Convention in St Peterburg in June welcomed this report and mandated that its findings contribute to the development of policy guidelines for World Heritage Sites.

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