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Mekong Environmental Symposium 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Transboundary Fish Trade Study Presented at the Mekong Environmental Symposium

IUCN Lao PDR recently put together a team of researchers from Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Thailand to conduct a study on employment generation of the fish trade along one of the three major transboundary routes in the region, between Stung Treng, Cambodia; Champassak, Lao PDR; and Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.    

16 May 2013 | News story

Mekong Days in Washington DC 2013

"Mekong Days"

Robert Mather, Head of IUCN Southeast Asia Group, was in Washington, DC for the U.S. debut of the film “MEKONG”, which examines the issues of hydropower development and its impact on Mekong citizens' lives. IUCN, Institute for Global Sustainable Development (IGSD), Challenge Programme for Food and Water (CPWF), and the Goethe Institute set up the debut of the film during the DC Environmental Film Fest, and also planned related “Mekong Days” -- several days of events held over 22-27th March 2013, highlighting issues related to the Mekong, including panels at the Goethe Institute and the Woodrow Wilson Center in which Robert participated. …  

11 May 2013 | Article
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Community workshop on Customary Law, Taleo village, Lao PDR

New publication from IUCN Lao PDR : “Review of Statutory and Customary Law in the Xe Champhone Ramsar Site, Lao PDR - Implications for a rights-based approach to conservation”

IUCN’s research into rights-based approaches (RBAs) to reduce poverty and benefit conservation has been focused on the development of tools to better inform conservation strategies. 

26 Apr 2013 | Downloads - publication

Xekong fisher women

Empowering women fishers in Sekong River Basin

IUCN Lao PDR held a Mekong Water Dialogue workshop in Attapeu, southern Lao PDR on 7 February 2013. The objective of the workshop was to gather information about the participation of women fishers in community-managed fisheries in the Sekong River basin. The overall purpose of this initiative was to help stakeholders in making informed decisions to promote gender integration into overall fisheries related policy planning and implementation. …  

24 Apr 2013 | Article
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iucn_kuoni_integrating business skills into ecotourism

Integrating Business Skills into Ecotourism

This book is designed to help conservation organisa-tions, community-based organisations and protected area managers plan and run effective ecotourism businesses.  It was created as part of the Business Skills  Transfer Programme for Ecotourism Development, a joint effort by IUCN and Kuoni Group aimed at supporting conservation organisations in managing ecotourism-related businesses through business skills, knowledge and experience sharing. …  

28 Mar 2013 | Downloads - document

Reaching Agreements Over Water _ Negotiate

Reaching Agreements Over Water _ Negotiate

Around the world people are involved in negotiations about water. This is a book for practi-tioners committed to negotiations which lead to fair agreements about how societies sensibly use water.  The book provides ideas, tools and inspiration. …  

27 Mar 2013 | Downloads - publication

Managing water across boundaries _ Share

Managing water across boundaries _ Share

Transboundary rivers are increasingly being drawn upon to meet the needs of growing popula-tions and economies.  This increased pressure on the available water resources sharpens competing demands between countries, rural and urban areas, different user groups, and the river ecosystems themselves.  The challenge is to balance these competing demands in a way that is equitable and sustainable for present and future generations. …  

27 Mar 2013 | Downloads - publication

Mekong river

Mekong Days in Washington

The Mekong Region is a massive ecosystem that is the lifeline for more than 60 million people across six countries. In the Lower Mekong Basin, it provides fish to more people than any other river in the world. More than 150 hydropower dams are currently planned, under construction, or commissioned for the Mekong and its tributaries. If constructed, the dams will radically alter the basin’s hydrology, ecology and, consequently, the lives of millions who depend upon it. How can these seemingly opposite demands be met?

22 Mar 2013 | Article
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World Wetland Day's 2013 at Beung Kiat Ngong RAMSAR Site

World Wetlands Day’s 2013 Celebration Activities (at Beung Kiat Ngong RAMSAR Site)

World Wetlands Day's 2013 Celebration Activities (at Beung Kiat Ngong RAMSAR Site) …   | French | Spanish

11 Mar 2013 | Article

Beung Kiat Ngong Wetlands _ RAMSA Site

Management Plan of the Beung Kiat Ngong Ramsar Site

  In September 2010, the Beung Kiat Ngong Wetland, in Champassak Province, Lao PDR was formally recognized as one of the 2 Ramsar sites in the country.     …  

04 Mar 2013 | Downloads - document