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July 2012
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IUCN Congress: Use your voice

Members have a unique opportunity at the IUCN Congress to influence the global conservation agenda through the motions. To do this, you must get accredited so you can vote and speak at the Members' Assembly.
Accreditation: your rights, your duty
As with any civic voting, participation to such high-level decision-making requires you to have your credentials in good standing. Thus anyone who wishes to exercise the right to vote or speak during the Members' Assembly must imperatively get accredited before the start of Congress on 6 September 2012 at 17:30, Korea Standard Time (UTC/GMT +9 hours). To facilitate this process, an online accreditation system has been put in place accompanied by comprehensive guidelines for Member and observer Delegates.
Members not attending Congress are encouraged to submit their statement of credentials in order to empower another Member to vote on their behalf (proxy votes).
Motions are now available!
175 motions were published on 8 July after a thorough review process. To smooth the process during the Members' Assembly when the voting takes place, a motions blog is now available to promote discussions prior to the Congress. Members are encouraged to use the blog to raise issues and debate on important points – an opportunity that can't be guaranteed during the event due to limited time.
Who gets your vote?
IUCN Members will vote at the upcoming Congress in Jeju to elect the President, the Treasurer, six Commission Chairs and three Councillors for each of the eight statutory regions of the Union. To enable Members to make an informed choice, candidates' web pages are now available on the IUCN Congress website to present detailed information on each of the 50 contenders. IUCN Members can leave comments and/or ask questions in the commenting spaces for each candidate. 

> More information on accreditation
> More information on the Motions process
> Discover the 50 candidates here
Members voting on motions at the 2008 IUCN Congress in Barcelona


A selection of the latest conservation news from and for Members featured on the IUCN website.

> Montenegro: marine and coastal nature conservation
> Consultation with IUCN Partners and Members in Bonn on IPBES
> First ever spoon-billed sandpiper chicks hatch in UK
> Sea turtle conservation in French Guiana
> Protecting more than just the cute and cuddly
> IUCN launches EU-funded climate change project in Cambodia
> IUCN welcomes outcomes of Ramsar CoP11
> Today's societies need to reconnect with biodiversity
> Pakistan's national animal makes a come-back
> Six natural wonders declared World Heritage Sites
> Reconnecting science to policy in Europe and beyond
Leatherback turtle swimming amongst fish

Honouring champions of conservation

A Danish lawyer, the Botswana Head of State and an American primatologist: what's the link? All three are behind truly inspirational achievements in the realm of conservation, and they are not alone. These are just three of the eleven distinguished nominees presented for Honorary membership of IUCN, to be approved by the IUCN Congress. The full list of nominees covers a wide spectrum of individuals who have made exceptional contributions to furthering the goals of the Union. Nominated by IUCN Members and Commission members, these eleven individuals truly make up a formidable group of conservation champions.

> More information
Nominees for Honorary membership of IUCN

IUCN Congress: Accommodation

Jeju is a popular holiday destination and hotels fill up quickly. Don’t wait any longer to book your accommodation! If you want to take advantage of the preferential prices and be able to use the official shuttle buses provided between the hotel and the venue, please make sure to reserve your room by 5 August. To do so, just log on to your registration account and click on the hotel booking link, which is accessible on either the information or confirmation tab.

> Book accommodation
IUCN World Conservation Congress logo

Congress event organizers: equipment and catering

The Catering and Extra Equipment Order System is now available online. To view more details about the standard equipment provided in each room and to access the catering/extra equipment order system, click here. Please note that extra equipment orders and payments should be made prior to 15 August, 18:00 (Korea Time). Catering can be ordered until 25 August, 18:00 (Korea Time).

> Catering & additional equipment ordering system
Korean food

Congress: Free eco-tours

The IUCN Congress experience wouldn't be complete without exploring the surroundings of the venue. This is why the Host Country is giving participants the chance to go on one-day-long ecological excursions - free of charge - on 13 September. Sign up and reserve your place on an excursion until 31 July so you can discover the island's treasures.

> More information on free eco-tours
Jeju Island Dol hareubang

IUCN Congress: Members' lounge

The Members' Lounge is one of the most important areas for Members and Commission members at Congress. It is an area for networking, discussions and obtaining vital information. At the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, the Members' Lounge will be situated in a prime location with a fantastic view over the North Pacific Ocean.
The Members' Lounge will be coordinated by members of the Membership Support Team, a team comprising Secretariat staff from all of our regions, with experience of membership issues and a range of languages skills, who will do their best to assist Members and Commission members, as well as potential Members, with queries. Additional information will be sent to Members in August.

ICC Jeju - Location of the Members' Lounge

Online discussion area: Statutory amendments proposed by Council

During the 2009-12 intersessional period, the IUCN Council prepared ten proposals for Congress to amend the IUCN Statutes and the Rules of Procedure of the World Conservation Congress. These were issued to IUCN Members together with the other Congress documents on 5 April 2012. A discussion area for each of the ten Council proposals has been opened online.
IUCN Members are encouraged to participate in the online discussion. You will need your username/password to share comments and questions on the discussion area. If you are unsure of your login details, please use the IUCN Accounts Management system.

> Access the online discussion area here
Shoal of fish of the carangidae family off Rangiroa atoll

Draft agenda and documents for Congress

The documentation is available in electronic format from the IUCN Congress website in our three official languages: English, French and Spanish. For ease of reference, a compilation of Congress documents issued on 5 April, and those issued on 8 July 2012 are also available as two separate downloads.

> Draft agenda and documents for Congress
Jeju wild flowers- January 2012

2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress

6-15 September 2012, Jeju, Republic of Korea

> Stay up to date with developments on the Congress web pages
> Sign up for the 'Countdown to Congress' newsletter
> Congress registration
International Convention Centre, Jeju

IUCN Conservation tools

Take advantage of our conservation databases and tools that have already proved helpful to hundreds of organizations!
Access a range of Open Access Journals here

Drama performance about sea turtle conservation by trainees

IUCN expert Commissions

 Latest Commission newsletters/reports:

> Commission on Education and Communication (CEC)
> Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP)
> Commission on Environmental Law (CEL)
> Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM)
> Species Survival Commission (SSC)
> World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA)
> Join a Commission
Polar bear

Members' Portal

This is an exclusive platform for Members to share knowledge, engage with other IUCN Members and learn about new opportunities. Visit the Members' Portal to view recent information from the IUCN Council and Secretariat and to access interesting opportunities: jobs, funding and awards.

> Members' Portal


IUCN has one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of authoritative publications, reports, guidelines and databases for conservation and sustainable development.
Send us news of your new publications to: membership@iucn.org 

> Access recent IUCN Publications
IUCN Publications

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