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IUCN CEC is a network driving change for sustainability. More than 1,000 members volunteer their professional expertise in learning, knowledge management and strategic communication to achieve IUCN goals.

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CEC works closely with the Capacity Development Unit within the Programme and Policy Group. 



Taporopora No Apopo, an education for sustainable event held on Rarotonga by the Cook Islands Ministry of Education in 2010

Cook Islands Conference on Education for Sustainable Development

Students from 16 schools attending an ESD conference on Raratonga, Cook Islands, explored issues of culture and the environment through art, song, dance and drama. From Jane Taurarii and Anaseini Pokino of the Ministry of Education, and CEC member Seema Deo of Fiji. …  

02 Aug 2010 | News story

An environmental education workshop in Guinea Bissau in early 2010 aims to be the start of a new network of EE professionals in West Africa.

Newsletter du PREE - Programme Régional d’Education à l’Environnement en Afrique de l’Ouest

Version française en pièce jointe. English version in attachment. Shared with CEC by Frédéric Airaud, Chargé de Programme UICN Guinée Bissau.

02 Aug 2010 | News story

Community members rally to protect the sea turtle in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Community Outreach and Education Efforts Mobilize Sea Turtle Conservation Movement

Community parnterships, social marketing and environmental education are raising the profile of the sea turtle conservation movement in Baja California Sur, Mexico, as documented in a new study by CEC member A.J. Schneller with Patricia Baum. …  

02 Aug 2010 | News story

The role of communication as a policy tool

Mainstreaming Biological Diversity - CEPA

This eight-page publication presents the case for the work programme on communication, education and public awareness (CEPA) for the Convention on Biological Diversity. It highlights the role of communication as a policy tool. English / French / Hungarian …  

01 Aug 2010 | News story

CEC member and film director Samik Gupta with a wild caught Russell's viper during shooting of "The Sleepless Sentinel".

Film on Russell's Viper by CEC Member in India

CEC member Samik Gupta focused his 24th wildlife film on the Russell's viper. Though it is blamed for a third of snakebite cases in India each year, the viper helps to protect more than 1 metric tonnes of crops annually by eating rats in the fields. …  

31 Jul 2010 | News story

First place winner: Home Sweet Home

Earth Day Photo & Essay Contest

More than 800 students in grades 5-8 took part in a unique national contest to photograph our changing world. The contest was organized by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies. From CEC Specialty Group Leader Nancy Colleton of IGES. …  

31 Jul 2010 | News story

At the Peace Palace for the Earth Charter+10 meeting

CEC Member Reports on Earth Charter +10 Event

CEC member Esther Agbarakwe of Nigeria attended the Earth Charter +10 event at the Peace Palace, the Hague, in late June 2010. She spoke on "UN Global Governance and Climate Change" with Yolanda Kakabadse, president of WWF International and former president of IUCN. 

31 Jul 2010 | News story

June 2010 issue on the Assam Rhino Horn controversy

Nepal's Wildlife Times June 2010

The June issue of Wildlife Times includes stories such as "Assam Rhino Horn: Controversy Burning Bright" and "Nepal-China sign MoU on Wildlife Conservation". From the publication's editor, Mangal Man Shakya, CEC National Activator in Nepal. …  

31 Jul 2010 | News story

Young people gather in reserve outside Lusaka to discover biodiversity in their backyard

World Environment Day in Lusaka East Forest Reserve

This report on educational activities marking World Environment Day comes from CEC member Patrick Shawa of the IUCN member organization Wildlife & Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia. …  

31 Jul 2010 | News story


Training in Good Practice Stakeholder Participation

This three-day training course in October is run by CEC member Diana Pound. The course helps participants to develop good practice skills in stakeholder participation with a focus on the better management of the natural environment. …  

31 Jul 2010 | News story

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