News | 25 Nov, 2021

Global Lessons on Greening School Grounds and Outdoor Learning

The IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) extends the #NatureForAll invitation to be part of the Global Lessons on School Ground Greening and Outdoor Learning project, which aims to identify and disseminate successful approaches to school ground greening from around the world to influence and help us, as a society, make significant progress in addressing complex interrelated problems. 

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Launched on November 17th, and over the course of 18-months, the project seeks to engage with global leaders and practitioners to build networks of like-minded organizations and individuals to identify scalable strategies and deepen our understanding of how to support the worldwide movement of schoolyard greening. This project is led by Children & Nature Network, in partnership with Salzburg Global Seminar, the International School Grounds Alliance, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, #NatureForAll, and the National League of Cities Institute for Youth, Education and Families. 


Values related to nature with personal actions

As mentioned in Home to Us All, “Education can serve a powerful role to provide meaningful experiential opportunities for learners to match their values related to nature with personal actions that support those values in the larger world; that is, helping people match what they value with how they act in the world”. 

Outdoor classrooms, native gardens, stormwater capture, traditional playground equipment, nature play areas, vegetable gardens, trails, trees, water features, and similar projects can offer students, teachers, parents and community members places to play, learn, explore and grow during and out of school time.

Under this approach, the Global Lessons on School Ground Greening and Outdoor Learning project will collect information about school greening projects around the world with a strong focus on programs that practice inclusive planning and prioritize equitable access to nature while advancing environmental sustainability.


Nature as a setting for fun and adventure

#NatureForAll promotes nature as a setting for fun and adventure. When connecting children, education and nature we are taking care of children’s healthy development as well as contributing with the construction of sustainable cities and communities. In this context, anyone interested and active in improving climate resilience, biodiversity, urban design, education, child-development, health and wellbeing, and community-building can be part of the Global Lessons on School Ground Greening and Outdoor Learning project. 

To apply, please visit the #NatureForAll website

#NatureForAll is global initiative led by the CEC in a continued partnership with the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) to connect people with nature and inspire broad-based public and cross-sectoral love, support and action for its conservation.