In Europe around 75% of the population lives in urban areas. In some countries this figure is estimated to grow to 80% by 2020 (European Environment Agency, 2009). With increasing population densities and mounting development pressures, large tracks of land in the immediate surroundings of urban areas are undergoing a process of urbanisation. IUCN believes that investing in ecosystem management and natural infrastructure can play an important role in making our economies and societies more resilient.

Since January 2012, IUCN is a member of the research project URBES (Urban Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) which aims at bridging the knowledge gap on urbanisation processes and the ecosystem services sustaining them.

IUCN considers this project as an excellent partnership for cities and local governments to become better informed on the value of natural capital for sustainable urban life and increasingly contribute to biodiversity conservation and improved management of ecosystems services in Europe.

For more information, please consult the project website or contact Chantal van Ham, European Programme Officer.


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