arborvitae Issue 39

Forest partnerships

  • Amazon: For many of the companies involved, it is the image of partnering with communities that is more important than the product itself.
  • Innovation: Partnerships between scientists and practitioners are not working well.
  • Forests Dialogue: I’m convinced that partnerships can achieve much by ‘engaging the radical middle’.
  • Interview: We haven’t tapped into the real potential of partnerships for forests yet.
arborvitae 39 - 2009 (en)
  • 2 Editorial
  • 3 Livelihoods and Landscapes: Mount Elgon, Uganda
  • 4-5 Partnerships for equitable forest trade: Corporate-community partnerships in the Amazon; the Union for Ethical BioTrade
  • 6-7 Partnerships for learning: a learning network on forest landscape restoration; partnerships for innovation
  • 8-9 Feature: Growing forest partnerships
  • 10-11 Partnership organizations: Multistakeholder initiatives under fire; Insights from The Forests Dialogue
  • 12-14 Partnerships for forest governance: VPAs as partnerships; Strengthening Voices for Better Choices in Brazil; Multistakeholder processes
  • 15 Ground rules for forest partnerships
  • 16 The interview: Jan McAlpine, Director of UNFF
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