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Latest global TRI NEWS

Warning: a sixth mass species extinction is on the cards (UNEP) April 1, 2019

The Restoration Initiative: A chance to learn from one another (IUCN) March 14, 2019

Launch of The Restoration Initiative (TRI) Global Programme (FAO) March 15, 2019


Further Reading 

  • News and information on the world’s largest initiative to bring deforested and degraded lands into restoration

The Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanisms (FLRM)

  • FAO-hosted web portal with large compendium of FLR-related knowledge products, tools and information

  • IUCN-hosted web portal with news, resources and updates on FLR

Global Landscapes Forum

  • CIFOR-hosted knowledge platform on sustainable land use including restoration, dedicated to achieving the SDGs and Paris Climate Agreement

The Global Partnership on Forest and Landscape Restoration (GPFLR)

  • Global network uniting governments, organisations, academic/research institutes, communities and individuals under a common goal: to restore the world’s lost and degraded forests and their surrounding landscapes 

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