World Commission on Environmental Law

IUCN Environmental Law Library

The IUCN Environmental Law Programme provides one of the largest physical collections of law and policy literature in the world located at the IUCN Environmental Law Centre in Bonn (Germany)

As Secretariat of the IUCN Environmental Law Programme, the Environmental Law Centre hosts one of the largest collections of law and policy literature in the world. The more than 37.000 bibliographic references are also electronically retrievable by bibliographic data as well as substantial and geographical indexation through ECOLEX (, a database system for environmental law compiling international treaties, national legislation and court decisions as well as relevant literature.

The library is located in Bonn (Germany), near several UN organizations and international environmental convention secretariats (UNFCCC, UNCCD, CMS, IPBES) and near the World Conference Centre Bonn. It is open upon request to visitors, researchers, and interns. Interested visitors are requested to call or E-mail the librarian in advance to ensure the library is open and staff available. Please contact the librarian by E-mail or by phone at +49 228 2692 232.

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