Restoration and Rehabilitation of Mangroves Ecosystem along the Coasts of Pakistan

Mangoves plantation activity at Port Qasim Area, Karachi

Project title: Restoration and Rehabilitation of Mangroves Ecosystem along the Coasts of Pakistan

Location: Port Qasim Area, Karachi

Duration: 1 year

Project background: 

Infrastructure and development projects along the coast of Karachi, particularly in and around the Port Qasim Area, have resulted, among other environmental concerns, in the degradation of natural mangrove forests along the coastal belt. These forests are recognized as vital for the ecological and socio-economic well-being of the city. Apart from acting as carbon sinks, the fisheries supported by the mangrove forests provide numerous benefits, not only contributing to diversity in marine life in the area, but also to the livelihoods of Karachi’s vast fishing community.

In light of the construction of the Sui Southern Gas Company’s (SSGC) LPG terminal, SSGC and IUCN jointly embarked on an initiative to increase plantation cover in the areas surrounding the facility.

Objectives of the project:

The project aims to increase mangrove forest cover by plantation, conservation, rehabilitation and regeneration of degraded forests; raising awareness of the importance of mangroves among local communities and private sector companies; and contribute to the livelihoods of local communities by engaging them in plantation activities.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Approximately 11,000 mangrove saplings will be planted within the jurisdiction of the SSGC LPG Terminal at Port Qasim.
  2. Local community members and other stakeholders to be trained by IUCN and engaged in mangroves maintenance.
  3. To organize a seminar to raise awareness on environmental issues and sustainability, involving the public, media, and academic institutions.
  4. To organize trainings to the communities on the technicalities of mangrove plantation to the communities.

Donor: Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC)

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