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Montauk beach Photo: Jordan Confino CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Since 2004, the IUCN Washington D.C. Office and the IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme have helped to build and support a network called the Global Marine Community (formerly the DC Marine Community) comprised primarily of Washington D.C. based organizations and individuals interested in marine issues. The Global Marine Community serves as an informal and non-partisan platform for discussion and information-sharing within the Washington D.C. marine arena and beyond. 

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Our mission is to promote communication and build partnerships across the Global Marine Community and to identify and address gaps in the community’s work. The Global Marine Community achieves this through multimedia promotion and partnerships. The community consists of a diverse and growing group of participants, including non-governmental organizations, government agencies, foundations, bilateral and multilateral agencies, fellowship programs, and independent consultants and academia/students. 


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Giacomo Abrusci
Regional Program Officer: Americas
Global Marine and Polar Programme, IUCN

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