HKKH China Component Implementation Agreement signed with IGSNRR

Beijing, May 22, 2008-The implementation agreement for the China component of the HKKH Partnership Project was signed between IUCN China and the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), on behalf the HKKH Partnership. This agreement is the result of dedicated work from all the four HKKH partners-CESVI, EV-K2-CNR, ICIMOD and IUCN.

IUCN and IGSNRR sign agreement to move forward with HKKH in China

From March 17 to March 22 this year, HKKH partners and IUCN held an intensive week of meetings with IGSNRR researchers. During the meetings, detailed project activities, work plans and budgets were discussed and finalized, laying a solid foundation for the project’s smooth and effective implementation in China. 

Both parties to the agreement are very happy with this new development and are eager to start collaborative activities in the areas of software & database development, conservation oriented research, organization of ajoint workshop, and an exchange program, among others.

The successful signing of this implementation agreement for the China component signals the official start of HKKH project activities in China, as well as the full commitment of each partner to the initiative.

For more information about the HKKH Partneship in China, please contact Ms. Wei Juan, IUCN China Programme Officer, at


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