Finland and IUCN Framework Partnership towards common goals

In 2010, the framework agreement between IUCN and the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs was signed. The current agreement is geared to support IUCN activities in developing countries in implementing the IUCN Global Programme 2013–2016. The framework partnership also provides a platform for a policy dialogue between IUCN and Finland.

IUCN expertise helps to build the capacity of local people in the adaptation to climate change in the Paramos areas in the Andies. The project is financed by Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The collaboration between the Government of Finland and IUCN aim to enhance the integration of ecological sustainability, bring an environmental perspective into development plans of developing countries, and support the ecologically sustainable implementation of those plans as appropriate. The collaboration also aims to integrate ecological sustainability into development cooperation instruments and into the execution of development cooperation actions.

According to the Finnish Development Policy’s priorities, Finland promotes sustainable management of natural resources and environmental protection, for example, by supporting the conservation of biological diversity locally, nationally and globally. The Policy also highlights the support of food security as well the promotion of sustainable management and the use of natural resources. It also recognizes the impacts of climate change on biodiversity and the application of an ecosystem-based approach to the adaptation to climate change.

These Finnish Development Cooperation Priorities coincide well with the three areas of IUCN Global Programme 2013-2016 - Valuing and conserving nature, Effective and equitable governance of nature’s use, and Deploying nature based solutions to global challenges in climate, food and development - providing a solid basis for the collaboration through the framework agreement.

The implementation of the Framework Agreement is followed up and supported by the IUCN National Committee of Finland that includes representatives of state administration and non-governmental nature conservation organisations.

In addition to the framework agreement, IUCN also is the implementing agency of several Finnish regional development cooperation projects for sustainable use of natural resources and the eradication of poverty in developing countries.

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