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IUCN’s work on institutional support to protected areas in Albania is entering its third year, based on a strong partnership with the Italian Cooperation, the Ministry of Environment of Albania and INCA and PPNEA, IUCN members in the country. Read the latest Newsletter to learn about IUCN’s efforts in Albania and watch the project documentary trailer.

Project documentary

Advance Albania Newsletter features the interview with Mr Collaku, Mayor of Rrajca Commune, who calls for action that would improve the employment opportunities in protected areas. Dr Neziri, engaged with IUCN’s project water unit, stresses the importance which regular data collection has for protected area management. Learn about the experience that Mr Pepa and Ms Katiaj are gaining while working with the Animal Ecology Team. Read about the impressions of the Italian Cooperation in Albania and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had after visiting Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park, and discover Stebleva, one of its most beautiful landscapes. Read the summarized results of the camera trapping season and learn about IUCN’s work in Albania in the Newsletter and the project webpages.

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