Tree Related Solutions

04 trees can supply enough oxygen annually for a family of eight

What can you change?
Plant and protect trees. Start today, nurture nature.

Paper Conservation

1.    Purchase recycled notebooks and printer paper. Print on both sides.
2.     Use cloth towels for cleaning, and make the change from paper napkins to cloth. One reusable cloth towel or napkin can literally save dozens or even hundreds of rolls of paper products.
3.    If you must use paper for notes and lists, use every open space on a sheet of paper before discarding it. Never throw a piece of paper away even if you have used one side!
4.    Take advantage of paperless billing. Most companies offer the ability to pay bills online these days, and many give you the option to eliminate the mailing of your paper bill.
5.    Reuse cardboard boxes.
6.    Make use of scraps of wood for household projects.
7.    Use a digital camera. Digital cameras can save a lot of paper. You can store the photos on your computer and print the selected ones only as opposed to printing an entire roll of film.
8.    Choose plants as corporate gifts.
9.    Reduce the usage of wood for construction and making furniture. Choose alternative materials.


Plant and protect trees. Start today, nurture nature.

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