Zhang Xinsheng, China

The 21st century must be the age of sustainable development. Despite strides in science, technology and communication and advances in development, poverty continues to be rampant and the world is mired in manifold crises.

Zhang Xinsheng

The challenges humanity faces, especially in the environmental field, require a well-coordinated set of effective international, regional and local action to ensure the conservation of nature, natural resources, biodiversity, the oceans and to tackle climate change. We must bridge all divides and reconcile countries at different stages of development so as to build the future we want. A readiness to promote conservation and sustainability in innovative ways will be central to IUCN’s Council agenda.

If elected, I will bring a vast experience in leadership, covering business, municipal, provincial and central governments, international organizations, academia and NGOs. My record attests to my ability to build effective teams, to engage in effective communications, to forge consensus and multi-stakeholder approaches and to innovate for a common cause. An open leadership style shall permeate IUCN, while remaining relevant, responsive and forward-looking. Strategic planning, consensus-building and partnership development in a spirit of harmony will underpin my efforts, to earn every day the trust and collaborative support of Members, partners and stakeholders.

Please note that now that the elections are passed, we will not publish any more comments on this page.

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