Regional BCR Coastal Forum 2012, Thailand

IUCN in partnership with the Sustainable Development Foundation, GIZ, VASI, Thailand Research Fund, Thai PBS and Burapha University will host the First Regional BCR Coastal Forum at Burapha University, Chanthaburi, Thailand, from 29 February to 2 March 2012. The event is part of the European Union-supported project “Building Resilience to Climate Change Impacts - Coastal Southeast Asia”. 

BCR Coastal Forum 2012, 29 February to 2 March, Chanthaburi, Thailand

Forum’s aim:

  1. Providing opportunities for participants to share experiences and good practices in climate change adaptation in the coastal zone
  2. Showcasing local assessments, mangrove restoration, erosion management, rights-based approaches as well as integration of community-based and ecosystem-based strategies
  3. Investigating how the media can play a more effective role in communicating climate change adaptation approaches and issues to a wider audience
  4. Providing exposure to key issues on the ground through site visits
  5. Building skills in reporting stories from the field through photography and writing
  6. Building skills in Shoreline Video Assessment Monitoring

Around 150-200 representatives from local communities, government agencies, NGOs, academia, and media professionals from Cambodia, Thailand, and Viet Nam will participate in this forum.

For more information please see the provisional agenda or contact Khun Siriporn Kunlapatansuwan (Phone: +66 2 2620529-31 ext. 125 or +66 86 6141487; e-mail:

Work area: 
Climate Change
Viet Nam
Project and Initiatives: 
Building Coastal Resilience
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