The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign

The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign (EBBC) is dedicated to helping businesses recognise the many ways in which they are connected to biodiversity and the innovative opportunities they have to conserve it.

The EBBC provides information and tools on how to integrate biodiversity concerns in business models. Funded under the LIFE Programme of the EU, the EBBC is a joint initiative of the Global Nature Fund (GNF), IUCN Regional Office for Europe and partners from Germany, Spain and the Netherlands which implements the following major activities:

Biodiversity Checks
The Biodiversity Check is a basic assessment that helps companies to identify their impacts and dependency on ecosystem services. It shows opportunities and risks and can easily be integrated in existing environmental management systems. IUCN helps implementing the Biodiversity Checks. Companies that implemented the check include MAN and the Fraport (Frankfurt Airport).

Biodiversity Advocates
In collaboration with Biodiversity Advocates, companies engaged in biodiversity conservation, the EBBC promotes information exchanges on biodiversity issues for the private sector in the EU. For that purpose, biodiversity workshops are organised in collaboration with companies that are active in the field of biodiversity management. IUCN organises workshops with specific advocates such as Eiffage. Other companies that act as an advocate include Iberdrola and TUI.

Regional Biodiversity Forums for SMEs
To address small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), the EBBC organises regional biodiversity forums in European regions. With the establishment of Regional Biodiversity Forums a variety of tangible and feasible activities, such as "Landscape Auctions", whereby companies can support local nature by investing in regional biodiversity, or greening of company premises are organised. The event attracts on average 50 representatives from local companies.

EMAS, ISO and Biodiversity
Environmental management systems such as EMAS, integrate biodiversity only in a limited way. The EBBC provides practical sector-specific indicators for biodiversity and hosts workshops for (environmental) auditors with the contribution of IUCN.

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