Gross Ecosystem Product (GEP)

Xishui, Guizhou Provience, China

Project title: Gross Ecosystem Product (GEP

Location: China

Duration: 2015 – 2017

Project Background:  Ecosystem products and services are essentials for human survival and development. Gross Ecosystem Product (GEP) aims to specific indicators to measure the total economic value of all ecosystem products and services. GEP is the total value of final ecosystem goods and services supplied to human well-being in a region annually, and can be measured in terms of biophysical value and monetary value. Ecosystems that can be measured include natural ecosystems such as forests, grassland, wetland, desert, freshwater and ocean, and artificial systems that are based on natural processes like farmland, pastures, aquaculture farms and urban green land, etc. 

As a new ecological accounting system that measures ecology status, GEP provides powerful scientific support and future indicators for ecological civilization construction. IUCN is currently carrying out pilot research projects on GEP with partners. To date, a national expert panel, standardization expert panel, and thematic project group have been established, and several pilot studies have been conducted at the national level, in Ordos, Xing’an, Tonghua City, and Xishui County.


To quantify the linkages between ecosystems and human well-being so as to assist in the development of sustainable management and governance of ecosystems.

Expected Outputs: 

  • Provide GEP standards and guidelines for government, private sectors and scientific organizations, etc.
  • Assist the related decision-making and international negotiation process
  • Mainstream ecosystem values into policy decisions.


  • Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation 
  • Jilin Provincial Academy of Forestry
  • Luliworld
  • Tonghua Municipal People's Government of Jilin Province 
  • Xing’an League Civil Administration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous region
  • Xishui County Government of Guizhou Province
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