Marine and Polar

The ocean covers 70% of the Earth’s surface and support an extraordinarily diverse world. Only a fraction of it has been discovered so far and much of ocean life remains a mystery which IUCN experts are striving to unveil.


Latest news

  • PISUNA, BEST 2.0, Greenland

    PISUNA- Community-Based Monitoring to Management


    In December 2016 the PISUNA project gathered together Greenlandic stakeholders and international experts in Nuuk to share lessons-learnt during this project and other community-based monitoring initiatives in the Arctic.

  • still water in the foreground with tall green mangroves in the back

    Mangrove Restoration: Offering two-for-one solutions to climate change


    Climate mitigation and adaptation are a country’s most pressing actions in the face of a looming global climate crisis –with catastrophic consequences already occurring in many coastal regions. Now, the restoration of mangrove forests and other coastal...

  • CBD COP13, Cancun, Mexico

    UN Biodiversity Conference 2016: Compromise with a pinch of salt


    With less than four years remaining to implement the biodiversity plan agreed by world governments in 2010, IUCN calls for continued efforts to achieve the Aichi biodiversity conservation targets, as the UN biodiversity conference closes in Cancún, Mexico....

Last updated - Tue, 24 Jan 2017
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