Eastern and Southern Africa

The Resilient Coasts Initiative

The Resilient Coasts Initiative was initially catalyzed by the December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami which led to the development of the MFF-Asia programme. Discussions to extend this programme to the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) soon developed among countries in WIO region, but it was ultimately concluded that a separate MFF-WIO programme would provide a more effective, efficient and regionally relevant approach.

The Resilient Coasts Initiative in Eastern and Southern Africa addresses the high level of vulnerability of ecosystems and livelihoods using a “resilience framework” that integrates four components: (i) Ecological and Social Diversity, (ii) Innovative and sustainable infrastructure and technology, (iii) Equitable and resilient governance systems, and (iv) Data and information for adaptive management.

The Programme’s vision is “Healthy coastal ecosystems for a more prosperous and secure future for coastal communities”, while the mission is “To use a partnership-based approach that builds knowledge, supports action on the ground and enhances governance and policy processes in support of building resilience of coastal systems against global change, including climate change”. The overall goal is “to strengthen the resilience of coastal socio-ecological systems in the Western Indian Ocean region”, by engaging in 4 focal areas:

  1. Strengthen adaptive capacities of local communities dependent on coastal and marine resources;
  2. Enhance resilience of critical coastal ecosystems and habitats;
  3. Influence coastal economic development to be more environmentally sustainable and socially equitable;
  4. iv. Effectiveness of local governance in managing and influencing coastal ecological and social systems improved.

Pilot countries currently include Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. The main implementation partners are IUCN, the Nairobi Convention, WIOMSA, CORDIO in collaboration with participating Governments.

For more information, please contact:

Manuel Menomussanga, Senior Programme Officer. Email: Manuel.Menomussanga@iucn.org

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