Eastern and Southern Africa

Forest Landscape & Livelihoods

The Forest Landscape & Livelihoods thematic area in Eastern and Southern Africa aims to deploy nature-base solutions to regional challenges, including climate change, through effective and equitable governance of rangeland and forest landscapes/ecosystems providing multiple benefits to communities of the region.

The People & Landscapes Programme takes the lead in work to effectively manage and conserve the drylands, forests and woodlands of the region to provide multiple benefits to society with a focus on:

  • Community-based rangeland management
  • Reducing forests loss, and
  • Forest landscape restoration

Other important areas within the theme are ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation, disaster risk reduction and invasive alien species.

Particular ecosystem and biodiversity management approaches that are highlighted under the theme are the following:

  • The rights-based approach to ecosystem management
  • Models for the devolution of ecosystem management to communities
  • Ecosystem governance
  •  Socio-ecological resilience

The programme collaborates with other themes within the regional programme specifically the Water and Wetlands theme over building resilience to drought and floods, the Conservation Areas and Species Diversity theme over biodiversity restoration, protected areas and ICCAs, with and with the Business & Biodiversity theme on livelihood links to economic valuation, value chains and community financing.



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