Results of the POCTEFEX-Alboran Project

The two years project "POCTEFEX-ALBORAN:Shared natural management of cross-border space", has aimed to facilitate the exchange of experience between front line contributors and stakeholders to identify the priorities that can improve natural resource governance in the Alboran Sea and promote sustainable and integrated management of the environment. IUCN-Med has played an important role in the development this POCTEFEX project.

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The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the regional government of Junta of Andalucia ("Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación de la Junta de Andalucía" in Spanish), the IUCN Center for Mediterranean Cooperation and the University of Almeria have been the main beneficiary partners. The National Institute for Halieutic Research (INRH in French) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing ("Ministère de l'agriculture et des pêches maritimes" in French) has been the Moroccan partner.

The activities led by the IUCN-Med and their main results have been the following:

1.1. Creation of an “Alboran” technologic platform, for conservation and sustainable development

News about the technical meetings of georeferenced information experts groups
Training workshops about geoportals, hold in Tanger
Prototype of an “Alboran Sea Geoportal” 

1.2. Meeting with traditional fishing stakeholders

Traditional Fishing Workshop, Alhoucemas, 31st of May – 1st of June 2014

1.3. Cooperative work groups (Biodiversity, Marine Protected Areas, and Integrated Management of Coastal Zones)

I Technical Meeting of the work groups: Protected Marine Areas, Biodiversity (cetaceans and marine turtles), Integrated management of coastal zones, Global change.
II Meeting of the work group about cetaceans and marine turtles
Records of the cetaceans of the Alboran Sea
Records of the marine turtles of the Alboran Sea
Report about Marine Protected Areas in the Alboran Sea
Recommendations of the Marine Protected Areas work group about the adaptation of the Antalya road map to the Alboran Sea.
Summary of the three workshops lead by the expert group about the Integrated Coastal Zones Management of Alboran Sea.
Pooling of projects ideas for the development of the GIZC in Andalusia and in the Alboran Sea.

1.4. Progress of the Initial Evaluation, in compliance with the Marine Strategy, at the “Cap des Trois Fourches” (Morocco)
Informative and awareness document about the “Cap des Trois Fourches” 

1.5. Production of a Cooperative Proposal for the creation of a Marine Environment Management Center on the South side
Work document for the creation of an Environmental Awareness Center on the Alboran Sea South side

III Alboran Conference, Almeria (17-19 June 2014). The main results of the project were presented during the III Alboran Conference and participants discussed three working documents on governance, biodiversity, and global change, society and natural resources.

The activities 1.1 and 1.3 implemented by IUCN-Med counted on the support of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

The Alboran project is part of the Spain-External Cross-Border Co-operation Programme (POCTEFEX), which is a European initiative aiming to promote the collaboration between Spain and Morocco, through the support of the European Fund for Regional Development (FEDER in French). The POCTEFEX-Alboran project started in 2012 and ended in June 2014.

More information: Andrés Alcántara

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