Announcement: Third Meeting on China and the Global Forest Products Trade

The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), IUCN China, and Forest Trends are pleased to announce the third six-monthly informal forum to discuss issues related to the trade of legal and sustainable wood in China.

Second Dialogue on China and the Global Forest Products Trade, Beijing, Nov. 2007

The meeting will be held at the Oriental Garden Hotel in Beijing on June 18-19, 2008. The third in a series of three multistakeholder meetings on China's role in the global forest products trade, this meeting will focus on initiatives to promote legal and sustainable timber and other forest products.

Download the invitation in English or Chinese to learn more.


世界自然保护联盟(IUCN),森林趋势(Forest Trends)和英国伦敦皇家国际事务学院的能源环境与发展项目 (Chatham House) 已于2007年在北京举行过两次交流会,这系列“推动合法且可持续的木材贸易国际信息交流会”,旨在为关注这一问题的国内国内外机构、专家和个人提供一个交流的平台,就他们开展的项目、研究发现和经验教训进行交流,共同寻求可行的解决方案。

第三次会议的议程正在筹备中, 希望有更多的来自于中国政府、企业、 和行业协会的代表参与, 就政府和企业绿色采购政策、木材追踪机制以及其他切实可行的减缓森林退化手段等议题进行交流。


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