Community conservation team supports Siamese crocodile conservation

Community members participate in a monitoring exercise near Ha Lam lake where Siamese crocodiles were reportedly spotted

March, 2007. The Siamese crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) is critically endangered.  In fact, it was thought to be extinct in the wild in Viet Nam until late 2006, when Siamese crocodile prints and droppings were found near Ha Lam lake in Phu Yen province.   In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation, a small team was established to monitor the populations of the crocodile in the area.  This Community Conservation Team (CCT), supported by the Song Hinh district and Ea Lam commune People’s Committees, was formed during a recent field visit by representatives from IUCN and the Institute for Tropical Biology to the site.

During the visit, members of the CCT were trained on techniques for crocodile surveys of the lake, on the identification of activities that could negatively impact the crocodiles, and were instructed on how they could share this new information with other lake users.  It was noted that a dam is planned for the area, making the CCT’s fact-finding mission urgent.  The CCT will continue to survey Ha Lam lake on a weekly basis for the next nine months.

For more information, contact Mr. Ly Minh Dang, Wetlands and Water Resources Programme Manager, at or call +(84) 4 726-1575 ext. 143.

Viet Nam
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